I struggle with my mental health, burn out and trying to find my place in the world. My creative works are a spotlight on my desire to connect with others and my struggle to do so.
Be it photography or drawing, my attention is always pulled towards the face and its ability to so strongly communicate such a wide display of emotion and intention. . 

I hope that my work shares with the viewer my love of life, and all that we can communicate with each other with a simple expression.  For now – this website is dedicated to an ongoing project – At Face Value

– For other works please visit my Instagram

For anyone looking for the more typical third person bio / statement: 

Michael was born in Stamford Connecticut in the fall of 1981. He lived on the east coast until the age of fifteen, at which point he moved overseas with his family. Michael developed a love of travel, art, and photography during this time. Michael went on to attended college on the west coast for several years where he experimented with several types of film and digital photography. He now lives in the Pacific North West. 

Michaels work have been published in several formats through various organizations in Southern California. In 2022 Michael won the Dr. Michael McMahan Award for Excellence in Writing and the Arts – Excellence in Photography for his image titled “Material Pearl”